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Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge – 1 Gram



Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge - delta 8 thc reviews - delta 8 thc legal

Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge ,Vaping is the fastest way to get delta 8 THC into your system and experience the mild euphoric high it offers. With a few small puffs, you can expect its effects to kick in within just a few minutes.

We offer high-quality delta 8 THC carts, each with good flavor at a great price. You can choose from any of our terpene-infused delta 8 carts.

About Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges

Each Delta 8 THC vape cartridge contains premium high-quality hemp-derived delta 8 THC oil with 7% strain-specific terpenes. The Delta 8 THC oil has been full-panel-tested for quality, potency, and safety. Every 1 gram vape cartridge contains:

  • 930 mg of Delta 8 THC oil (94%+ Δ8THC)
  • 70 mg of botanical terpenes
  • Zero cutting agents

Note that this product is made from a highly concentrated delta 8 THC vape. Delta 9 THC vapor product users may find this delta 8 THC cartridge harsher than they have been accustomed to

Guidelines to Use

Our Delta 8 THC vape cartridges are compatible with 510 thread batteries. The batteries are not included as part of the product. You need to have a 510 thread battery or purchase it separately.

To use the cartridge, attach it to the 510 thread battery, press your lips on the mouthpiece, click the activate button, and inhale the vapor.

Make sure not to unscrew the mouthpiece. Always keep it upright to prevent leaks and store it at room temperature at all times.

For longer shelf life, keep the product out of direct sunlight or heat. Store it in a cool dark place. The oil may go bad or lose its potency when subjected to direct sunlight or extreme heat for extended periods.

Our Terpene-infused Delta 8 THC Distillate

Our delta 8 THC distillate is made from pure delta 8 mixed in a carrier oil. The distillate is odorless and flavorless. For aroma and flavor, it has been infused with cannabis-derived terpenes. Plant-derived terpenes make vaping more exciting. While smoking pure distillate can get you high, it is not as appealing as smoking aromatic and flavorful distillate.

Terpenes come from different strains such as the blue dream berry, strawberry cough, sour diesel, pineapple express, wedding cake, banana candy Kush, and other varieties of hemp plants. The natural terpenes from these fun-sounding cannabis strains produce the excellent taste and aroma of our vapes.

Drug Tests

Delta 8 THC can be detected as positive on a drug test. Drug tests do not differentiate between different cannabinoids. Hence, do not use this product for at least a week if you must pass an upcoming drug test. One to two weeks of abstinence is necessary to flush the cannabis metabolites out of your system.


Delta 8 THC is intoxicating to some people and may cause intoxication in very high doses. You may become highly sedated. Therefore, never use this product while driving or operating heavy machinery to avoid accidents.

Headspace in the Cartridge

If you see a space on your cartridge, it does not mean that it is underfilled. When the oil soaks into the coil, it may create a headspace. It is necessary to have an empty section on the vape cartridge for proper functioning. The headspace may take up to 40% volume of the tank, but it does not mean that it has leaked or is underfilled.

Benefits and Effects

Delta 8 THC is not as potent as delta 9 THC. Nonetheless, some users find it a better alternative to delta 9 because it does not cause any anxiety. Delta 8 has approximately half the potency of delta 9. Therefore, you may have to double your dose of delta 8 to match that of common THC.

The effects of delta 8 differ from person to person. Therefore, it may cause a positive functional buzz in others, while it may cause a bit of heavy intoxication in others. The best way to use delta 8 is to start at low doses to determine your tolerance.

Start with a low dose and gradually increase the dose over time. This is true for CBD products as well. Your body reacts to cannabinoids differently from others. Your metabolism, body weight, body chemical structure, and other factors play a role in how cannabinoids affect your physical and mental state.

As of today, there is not much scientific literature on the long-term effects of delta 8 THC. There are numerous anecdotal reports of its potential benefits, but we have to wait for conclusive scientific evidence.

Vaping Delta 8 THC

The hemp market is full of cannabis products from different companies. Today, the cannabis industry is also taking up space in the vaping industry. As part of our commitment to serving our customers to the fullest extent, we offer vape cartridges filled with top-notch delta 8 THC vape oil.

Our vape carts contain high-quality vape juice for your satisfaction. They have no synthetic additives, toxic chemicals, artificial additives, or artificial flavors. The natural flavors come from cannabis-derived terpenes.

You can use them with most vape pens that are compatible with the 510 threading. Just connect the vape cartridge to the vape pen battery and inhale the delta 8 in vape form.

Delta 8 carts review

Customers are surprised with the high potency and quality of Delta-8 carts that have zero side effects. In addition, they have experienced tremendous benefits in their overall health aspects since these cartridges have reduced their pain, stress, and anxiety. Users who bought the Delta-8 carts already consider themselves as loyal clients of Exhale Wellness. They feel the brand has provided them with the best vaping experience


Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Jungle Juice, Granddaddy Purple, Birthday Cake, Mango Kush

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