Our Products

We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of cannabis on the market—including premium flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates and medicinal products from the most trusted brands in the cannabis industry. Naturally, we do carry products from the Cresco Labs family of brands, but remain more primarily dedicated to supplying our customers with the best products from the best cultivators, period. 

Who we Are: We’re here to shed light on the often confusing world of cannabis. Because we believe that this incredible plant holds the potential to not only help relieve chronic medical issues, but also be a part of one’s everyday wellness routine. No matter what effect you’re after, we are dedicated to helping you unlock all the benefits the cannabis plant can provide.

Our Mission: At Green Buds, we pride ourselves in our customer care experience and our vast selection. We find you the best match to your particular needs. Everyone has a unique palette, and specific needs for their own desired health benefits. Whether you need THC, CBD, or both- we have it.

Our People

At Green Buds Dispensary*, our wellness advisors are industry-trained professionals equipped with a wealth of cannabis knowledge. Beyond their background in cannabis, our staff is dedicated to helping you discover your unique path to wellness and are true advocates for cannabis and all the wonderful things it can do.