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Confidential Cheese Strain - Confidential Cheese Cannabis Strain - Medical Cannabis Europe

Firstly , Confidential Cheese strain

Confidential Cheese cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that smells like delicious spicy cheese. Perfect marijuana strain for a weekend. Confidential Cheese will leave your body heavy while uplifting your spirit and making that smile wider. Confidential Cheese cannabis provides all day pain control, enables to concentrate on tasks at hand without making docile and sleepy.

Fragrance and Flavors

Confidential Cheese is a tempting strain, even if you only get a whiff of it. It is so fragrant that you will notice its presence rightaway, its strong cheesy smell following it around and creating a stir. This hybrid contains a pungent and sour-sweet aroma that is also earthy and pleasant.

Confidential Cheese has a very strong cheesy smell to it that is equally obvious in its flavors. Its smoke tastes creamy and sweet, but its chemical and pungent flavors become quite overpowering on the exhale, leaving a definite taste on the tip of your tongue, long afterwards.

Medical Benefits of Confidential Cheese

This pungent Hybrid might be just the ticket for a number of medical marijuana patients. Thanks to its average THC levels, this herb isn’t racy enough to alienate less experienced cannabis consumers.

  • Provides a giddy euphoria which may be helpful for those dealing with mild depression or other mood disorders
  • Induces profound relaxation which could make it useful as a sedative, either for anxiety or for insomnia
  • Induces some hunger, which may provide relief for patients suffering from appetite loss of various kinds

Effects Confidential Cheese Marijuana strain

onfidential Cheese has many pleasant effects, which is why it is widely recommended. It is first and foremost recommended as an evening strain, and is perfect for those days when you are in need of a quick mental escape after an especially strenuous and challenging day at work

This strain will keep you in a happy and giggly state, and is even better enjoyed in the company of likeminded and chilled-out people. Confidential Cheese will reel you in and have you laughing the night away, transporting you into a cerebrally relaxed mood that will last you for its entire high

Confidential Cheese will help you fall asleep at the end of your day, as it will relax both the mind and body thoroughly. This strain can also make you feel hungry, so be sure to keep the snacks handy, as you will need them to further complete your uplifted and invigorated high


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