The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Stoner Dads

What to get the stoner dad who’s seen it all—and more importantly—smoked it all? He lived through the Reagan administration, a few pyramid schemes, too many band members with lead singer’s disease, a brush with a cult (or two), and whatever cultural boiling point Howard the Duck represented. This Father’s Day, Dad is exhausted. Wistful, as always. Nostalgic (of course). But, as a long-standing stoner who has Seen Some Shit, Man, he deserves a Father’s Day gift that can give him a 2022 brain break, while also paying homage to his high-flying life.

Before you start sifting through designer lighters, you must honestly ask yourself: Exactly what kind of stoner is dad? There are oh-so-many out there [cracks open Kinder Surprise Egg]. There’s the fancy stoner pops who will appreciate a box of artisanal CBD gumdrops, the classic stoner dad who still catches Cheech and Chong on cable, the one who needs a corn cob pipe, the one who needs the equivalent of a cannabis Easy Bake Oven, and the one who might not smoke so much anymore, but would love to do so if he knew about the broad range of mellow, CBD-derived joints and goods on the market. We’ve found something for all of ‘em—and maybe a few ashtrays for you, too.

Come on in! The bong water’s fine.

A mellow smoke (just like dad used to toke)

Weed has gotten so damn intense since the 70s. Which is cool, if you still have the spring-back energy of a teen named Tyler who owns a Volvo station wagon. Dad, on the other hand, might not want a trip across the galaxy with every toke these days. He might be ready for his own, mellower smoke sesh, which is where Dad Grass comes in. “[It’s] an L.A.-based company that sells organic CBD joints and flower (un-rolled hemp nugs) that contain, by law, less than 0.3 percent THC,” explained Adam Rothbarth in his review of the company’s CBD joints—which are totally legal to buy and ship. Dad will love these, since they were born from the nostalgia of that moment you snuck into his very stash back in the day. “I gave up pot half a decade ago,” says Rothbarth, “but when I first tried a Dad Grass joint, it really did take me back to that lazy-day feeling of smoking a J, fulfilling all of the enjoyable, ritualistic aspects of sitting in my rocking chair with the window open, enjoying a few hits alongside a cold beer…”

Dad Grass

Hemp CBD Preroll 5 Pack

$35 at Dad Grass

Dad Grass

CBD Pre Rolled Hemp Twoobie

$14 at Dad Grass

For a budding interest in photography

Does your stoner dad own a telescope? Was he really good at helping you with your Algebra 1 homework? Can he quote a lot of smart dead people off-hand? If so, his next toilet/coffee table read should be this book, which is a visual voyage into the heart of the strains he loves (and some that might be new). “The ‘Primer’ section explores the culture of this complex flower and explains the botany that makes each strain unique,” explains the book’s publisher, “[while] the ‘Buds’ section describes the variations of lineage, flavor, and mental or physical high that define 170 exceptional strains.” Daddy loves his facts.


Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

No ones bakes like daddy

We don’t often wake up before noon, but when the cult-fave apron slingers at Hedley & Bennett dropped this collaboration with the Grateful Dead, we came to consciousness faster than a headlight on a northbound train to get one for the old man. Not only are these aprons sturdy as hell, but they have ample pockets and only feel softer the more you wash them.

Hedley & Bennett

Grateful Dead X H&B Tie Dye Bears

$105 at Hedley & Bennett

Hedley & Bennett

Grateful Dead X H&B Denim Bears

$105 at Hedley & Bennett

A lighter worth an “unboxing”

Tsubota Pearl lighters are some of our favorite slick lighters, because they have been hand-crafted in Japan since the 1950s and really feel like gifts when you unwrap them. Their little boxes come with a lovely description for dad to examine while he unwraps a lighter that will actually look good floating around the living room and the den.

Tsubota Pearl

Solid Lighter

$30 at Tetra

No more teeny tiny grinders

Bespoke Post is the cult fave site for urban lumberjacks, so of course they made a solid, North American black walnut-wood grinder for dad’s Lumberjack grip that still manages to look like an art object. Plus, “the base screws on firmly down below the removable screen, and the grinder’s compact size makes it great for travel,” says the Bespoke team, “meaning you can pack, grind, and stick it in your jacket pocket until it’s time to smoke.”

Marley Natural

Walnut Grinder

$90 at Bespoke Post

Your dad is the grandpa from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

Haaaaard chiller. But a man who appreciates the finer things in life, nonetheless. Such as: the stoner gummy factory where bespoke, CBD-derived gummies like these are made. If you’re new to Lord Jones, the artisanal brand makes CBD confections that taste great (this selection is strawberry- and lemon-flavored, with 20mg of CBD per gumdrop), and come in such nice packaging that the only thing left for you to do is sneakily place them on dad’s nightstand.

Lord Jones

Old Fashioned Hemp-Derived CBD Gumdrops

$45 at Lord Jones

Molly J. is another foine maker of CBD confections. The Bay Area-based brand’s gummies are all made in small batches with flavors such as lemon lavendar, plum cardamom, and more mouthwatering combinations. Plus, “[all of] our hemp-derived broad spectrum CBD is organically grown here in America without GMOs,” says the brand, which packages its treats in a sateen box worthy of Dad’s big day.

Molly J.

Signature Sampler Box

$45 at Molly J.

He’s tired of rolling Js

He’s wiped your butt, so don’t make him roll his own Js this Father’s Day. These are “hand-rolled and tied from organically grown Coromandel Ebony leaves and complete with a corn husk filter.” They have zero toxins or glues, and they look lowkey swish in that little box.

Herbal Goods Co.

Organic Pre-Rolled Smoking Cones

$21 at Bespoke Post

A bunch of donuts

Light up the Dad Grass, and say “I love you” in sprinkles. Bonus: You will definitely be the shining star of the family for bringing the donuts. (Because today is about you obviously.) Hopping off our toxic shit now, but don’t forget to try the one with cereal flakes on it.

Angel Food Bakery

Custom Message Donuts

$89.95 at Goldbelly

Take a hike

Is your dad an outdoorsy, hiking dad who still puts sunscreen on like this? Try OFFFIELD, the CBD sports drink that’s kinda like weed Gatorade (we kid, FTA agent) because it is intended to keep you energized yet chilled on the trail, tennis court, or what have you. “It also contains L-theanine, an amino acid best known as the stuff in tea that gives you that cozy and chill feeling when you’re halfway through a cuppa,” explained Hilary Pollack in her OFFFIELD review. “I felt like I could hike forever, trekking endlessly without a care in the world […] Of course, it could all just be that I was in a good mood for other reasons of unclear origin […] maybe it’s psychosomatic, or maybe, just maybe, it’s the CBD and adaptogens and electrolytes.” The brand’s collaboration with Nalegene is also back in stock with a new wave of the cult-fave green bottles.


Enhanced Hydration

$39.99 at OFFFIELD


Limited Edition Nalgene Bottle


His pores aren’t the only things that are clogged

Can you believe Crocs turned 20 this year? The brand’s Classic Hemp Leaf Clog is the perfect tightrope walk between Boomer Dad and Stoner Dad. The say “I’m functional, but also functional. Also, weed.”


Classic Hemp Leaf Clog

Take him back to opening night of a Cheech and Chong movie

The year? 1981. The place? Not sure, man. But returning dad to the visceral joy of experiencing a Cheech and Chong flick during its prime era is *chef’s kiss.*


“Cheech And Chong’s Nice Dreams” Original 1981 American Lobby Card of Movie

$328.19 at 1stDibs

Actually, just get Chong to personally wish happy Father’s Day

What’s Cameo, you ask? Think of it as a virtual grab bag of commissionable celebrity greetings, from actors to sports players; from musicians to… Carole Baskin, who is still out here milking the tiger for all she can. It is the best cursed place online to break through the fourth wall with David Hasselhoff, members of Insane Clown Posse, and—yes—Tommy Chong himself. The legend will typically respond within 10 hours (fast, for a stoner king!) and you can browse past messages he’s made for fans to get a feel of what you can expect.


Tommy Chong Video Greeting

$150 at Cameo

Wake and bake

Basically an Easy Bake Oven, but for cannabis. “It “decarboxylate[s] THC, CBD, or CBG, infuse[s] oils, butters, milks and creams, [and is] perfect for both the expert user and the newbie,” explained its founder and CEO, Shanel Lyndsay. Ardent also offers stoner snack packs for those who can’t bake for their life, but love a good brownie. “[It’s an] all-in-one, portable canna-kitchen that fully activates your plant material, including flower, kief, or concentrate, and has settings to infuse, cook and bake right inside.” It’s easily transportable, cleanable, and will be a great bonding experience for you and Dad.

$299 at Ardent

For the daddy in distress

This might be a niche reach, but have you ever met the straight-forward, quiet stoner dad? The one who just quietly does his thing, and has a very practical approach to everything? Reviewers have called these destress-centered CBD tablets “a gift for teachers!!” because they’re intended to work gradually, over the course of a month, to reduce anxiety (without sending you flying high). That’s because the formula also includes L-tyrosine, which purportedly supports mental processing and mood-balancing.

Rae Wellness

Destress Capsules

$14.99 at Standard Dose

Fulfill that corn cob pipe destiny

Does your dad have a porch? An antique hay hook? Is he the main bear from The Country Bears? Cool.

Missouri Meerschaum

Corncob Pipe

$9.99 at Amazon

The Green Cannabis Co.

Cob Pipe

$26 at Bespoke Post

OK, so maybe this is a gift for you

This one’s for the ska daddies—or any daddy whose desk needs a little optical zhuzhing, courtesy of a personality-fluffing ashtray or catch-all for his roaches and/or crusty dad hanky. Think of how much fun it will be to stare at this checkerboard pattern after the third hit of a J; it’s playful but not childish, classic but oh so trendy. It’s daddy, daddy cool.


Checkered Marble Ashtray

$70 at Tetra

The Antiques Roadshow stoner dad

Yes, this French provincial ~”marihuana apothecary”~ jar is $$$, but see if you can go in on it with one of your siblings for a one-of-a-kind gift that’ll be an instant family heirloom. “Finally!” Dad will say, “a vessel that can go from cookie jar, to dank jar, to urn.”


French Porcelaine Apothecary Jar

$179.39 at Etsy

Sail on, my dank daddies.

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